Friday, July 11, 2008

Pastor Steve

First Baptist Church of Lawrence, KS would be incomplete without Pastor Steve... in a dress. He is, in his own words, a "moneydog," whatever that is.

Joanna Gillette, Account Manager at Allen Press, Inc., made a list of Steve's sayings yesterday. The list is quite lengthy, and included things like, "That's funny!," "That fella's chillin," "Per se," "No doubt about it," "I think it's cold in here. Do you guys think it's cold in here?," "As they say in France..." and "Amy... Amy... Amy..." (Spoken quietly in an attempt to reach our former 23rd St. Brewery waitress from across the room).

The best sayings, however, have stories. Once, when about 10 of us were asking Steve about his (formerly?) nonexistent love-life he said he'd been met some girls. When asked if any of them had turned into dates he said, "BIG TIME!" So now we attach the phrase "BIG TIME!" to everything.

Another time Steve was talking about how he never tucks his shirt in. At the prompting of his friends, he wore a button-up shirt and tucked it in, but was dissatisfied shortly thereafter. In attempt to explain that he untucked his shirt he told our entire college Bible study group, "I went outside my pants."

Steve is the man. Here's to you, good buddy! :)

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