Thursday, July 24, 2008

DJG / Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 6

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 6 * * * *

The constant beep of a smoke alarm awakens Larry David and his wife Cheryl in the night in the opening minutes of this solid season. Dealing with frustrating annoyances for Larry equals smashing them to bits with a baseball bat. Coincidentally enough, L.D. isn’t too far off from the smoke alarm annoyance himself as he has exhausted all of his friends and even his wife and they all come close to reaching for a bat themselves. In the wake of everything in the everyday walk, large or small that is a Larry code red crisis, he has harbored a family of hurricane victims to share his home with. They are a black family with the last name of Black (of course) and they somehow help L.D. to keep level-headed. Only Larry David can pull off the level of hilarity, tension and high-jinx that comes in season six of this brilliantly improved comedy whirlwind. The ending alone is almost on par to the question mark that is the entire series of LOST. It’s not surprising to me that “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has made it this far, though I’m sure on paper it’s a sketchy mess. It wouldn’t work without the amazing improvisation and play of the actors, some playing more amped up version of themselves, such as Larry David and Ted Danson. However, the series is starting to feel like it’s running out of gas a bit. I feel that on a typical sitcom whenever a baby or an in-law moves onto the set, that means the show is winding down, same with The Blacks. Though, The Black family is fantastic, hilarious and fit well for a show that speaks loudly about the weird-normal incidents in life, I still feel at times season six tries extremely too hard to go over the top. Still, I love going over with it and watching everything get smashed to bits.


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