Monday, July 28, 2008

DJG's Movie Morning Monday / The Fisher King

The Fisher King * * * *
Directed by: Terry Gilliam / 1991

The visionary brew of Terry Gilliam’s mini-epic fantasy films is incredibly unique and after finally seeing “The Fisher King” I’d love to see him fuse his funhouse head to more dramas. Keeping the fantasy in the background, Gilliam leaves room for more heart, soul, love, truth, redemption and subtle storytelling. Though, he still brings to the table his trademark punch for dream-like genius and Holy Grail soul searching. The choice to cast Robin Williams as a homeless man on a quest for love with nightmare visions makes sense even if his first few scenes feel too obvious. But, just when you think Robin Williams is being too much like Robin Williams, he sheds his skin (and clothes too for that matter!) to give you a complex character to fully absorb in. In fact, the entire movie is another absorbing gem for Gilliam. I can't believe it took me so long to see it.


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