Friday, July 11, 2008

"Ghost Dad" Sees Release Via Criterion Collection

(AP) – “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna’ call?” In the 80s, filmgoers learned that the Ghostbusters were the go-to guys for ejecting those ectoplasmic villains from your homes. But when it turned out that one of the ghosts was Bill Cosby, the Ghostbusters’ phone didn’t make a peep.

“I remember seeing ‘Ghost Dad’ very clearly because I hated ‘Leonard 6’ so much and I was prepared to waste another hour and a half of my life,” said Roger Ebert. “I didn’t anticipate greatness, but there it was.”

Bill Cosby’s Ghost Dad will be released on the Criterion Collection on October 28, 2008. When it was released in 1988 it was lambasted as yet another failed attempt at finding an appropriate cinematic star-vehicle for Cosby following the loathsome Leonard 6. Since its release on VHS, and subsequently on DVD, the film has found an audience with fans of the French New Wave, cult films, and students of the paranormal.

Eugene Tyson, Director of Paranormal Studies at the Brinkley College in Wilmington, UT, explained that his love for the film is rooted in its authenticity. “Bill Cosby’s depiction of a ghost is very realistic,” he said. “Rather than leaving a trail of goo behind him, he left a trail of good. Ghosts are not really as antagonistic as everyone thinks they are. We need more ghosts like this.”

The box-office bomb only grossed $36 million at the box office upon its release, but it became infinitely more valuable in the hearts of movie-lovers everywhere.

Kathleen Vegas

Nashville-Sun Sentinel
May 14th, 2008

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