Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DJG / Movie Morning Monday


Force 10 From Navarone * * * *

Growing up I could never remember or pronounce the name of this movie, knowing it simply to my fellow third graders as, "There is a movie that me and my Dad watch and it has Han Solo in it and there is this one part with a German guy on top of a tank who gets his head cut off from a wire stretched across the road!" That decapitation scene has forever been one of my favorite movie moments. But, now the whole movie is one great moment. Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw are so cool, casual and on-the-fly, leading an elite force into Nazi territory on a top secret mission to keep Hitler's army from advancing further into Europe. Director Guy Hamilton makes war kind of fun, marching along to a wonderful orchestra as you get to blow stuff up and shoot down the bad guys. Oh, and Carl Weathers is in it. Enough said.


Vantage Point * * *

This 90 minute thriller is a unique take on dissecting a presidential assassination from multiple points of view and emotion. It is fast-paced, building the suspense as it ties in vignettes of each character's involvement in the story arc from 12 noon until the suspects are on the run twenty minutes or so later. It feels structured and acted a bit in the same fashion as television shows like LOST or 24. It’s a solid spin on post-911 politics, media and terrorism, but nothing extremely special or worth a second viewing.


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