Monday, March 16, 2009

DJG's Weekend Watcher

Let the Right One In * * * * *
Directed by: Thomas Alfredson / 2008

Subtle-yet-striking, "Let the Right One In" is more than just one of the best vampire movies, it's a masterful work of art. Lots to chew on with this after seeing it three times in as many days.

Smiley Face * * * 1/2
Directed by: Greg Araki / 2007

There is such a thing as a smart stoner movie. Add "Smiley Face" to the list with other recent loser-winners like "Harold & Kumar go to White Castle" and "Pineapple Express". It would also serve well with anything by Mike Judge ("Office Space").

A Decade Under the Influence * * * * 1/2
Directed by Ted Demme & Richard LaGravenese / 2003

Feeding from the times that were a' changin', this three part documentary had me salivating at the buffet of groundbreaking filmmaking and filmmakers of the 1970s. The only problem...I wanted more! I guess my eyes and mind have some work to do!

Silent Movie * * * *
Directed by: Mel Brooks / 1976

Mel Brooks delivers one of his best in this fantastic fun ride that is nothing short of a live-action "Looney Tunes". It's premise is pure joy and it's use of randomness, visual puns and special guest stars is quite timeless and priceless.


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