Thursday, March 12, 2009


Let the Right One In * * * * *
Directed by: Thomas Alfredson / 2008

My wife is the “Twilight” reader in our home. I trust her judgment, as well as many others, that the movie adaptation isn’t worth seeing. Unfortunately all the hype leading up to “Twilight” the movie over-shadowed a similar vampire love movie that came out around the same time based on a book from Sweden. Fans disappointed with “Twilight”, grunt no more and please turn your pages to “Let the Right One In”. Not only does it now sit behind “The Wrestler” at the top of my 2008 Best of Film list, but it’s also a subtle-yet-striking, well-crafted masterpiece. Possibly, one of the finest of it's kind ever made. Simply put, “Let the Right One In” your DVD player. I am watching this one over and over and over...


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