Monday, May 18, 2009

DJG's Movie Morning Monday

The Man Who Fell to Earth * * * ½
Directed by: Nicolas Roeg / 1976

Out of Control for Major Tom…
At times a bit too indulgent and arty “The Man Who Fell to Earth” is a movie I’m sure has challenged many viewers, even those celebrating in a too-quick-to-call-it cult masterpiece kind of way. Without a doubt interesting, epic and obtuse in its sci-fi realm, I do find it being quite dull even though there is rarely a dull moment. I think it boils down to appreciation more than actually liking it. Personally, I do think this one would have been something to group watch five-to-eight years ago, for its eccentricity, surreal visuals and of course Mr. David Bowie in a very game-on acting debut. In fact, I don’t see this movie working without The (very) Thin White Duke as alien Thomas Jerome Newton on a water retrieval mission to Earth. Maybe the original American cut would suit me better as it shortens his visit by twenty minutes and perhaps both Bowie and Rip Torn (even the ladies) keep their trousers on longer and the film's departure would get to me sooner. Of course a remake of “The Man Who Fell to Earth” is slated for release in 2009, but more than likely I’ll just stick with the original even if I don’t really plan on revisiting it. -djg

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