Monday, February 23, 2009

DJG's Movie Morning Monday

THX 1138 * * * *
Directed by: George Lucas / 1971

It’s no “Star Wars” and that’s not a bad thing. But, is “THX 1138” a good thing? I think so, especially for 1971 and especially so for a first feature dive into science fiction. Is it as good as Lucas’ second direction, “American Graffiti”? Well, now you’re talking preference in genre and style because the two are completely unrelated, unless you’re talking about fast cars and characters breaking the confines of repressed living. One just happens to be a dystopian future and the other 1960s high school. Being that I’ve had more time with “American Graffiti”, and it sits special in my heart due to the time I saw it, I’m more attached to it. Though, watching “THX 1138” for the first time this morning only made me want to spend more time with it and I can easily see that attraction growing. And to watch Lucas held under sci-fi restraints and in a new world (at least for him) and with something to say, was quite refreshing. I find it challenging to watch a “classic” for the first time after years of hype, and especially without a childhood connection (“Blade Runner” was like this for me a couple years ago…I still need to watch it again). But, being the “Star Wars” loving child that I am, I felt an automatic connection to what came before it in “THX 1138”. I know that I saw something special, groundbreaking and inspiring. Not only did I see glimpses to the future of the mighty Lucas franchise wallet, but caught hints of many fellow sci-fi movies that came after it. I definitely need to watch “THX 1138” again, but I just hope that I never have to live it. I’d rather go back to high school.


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