Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DJG / Knowing

Knowing * * * *
Directed by: Alex Proyas / 2009

Scientific Scripture…

I know, I know, another disaster movie. Yep, another movie poster with a deconstructing/dissolving Earth. And yep, another movie logo type employing not one, but two design clichés; a sun replacing the “O” and the number 1 substituting for the letter “I”. It’s easier these movie watching days to be suspect to the oh-so-samey-so-so as Hollywood hooks a big one and they milk it for a decade. This is especially true in our post-911 hysteria and ever-impending anxiety for the apocalypse. Money is made from mayhem. I guess, so much for going to the movies to find escape and comfort, right? Of course, some people might find comfort in familiar cities and landmarks disintegrating, plus the monotone that is Nicolas Cage. You chosen ones out there, please step forward. I suppose I am a big pro for stuff blowing up, at least on the screen, and I don’t hate the Cage fighter as he’s a unique contributor to both big and small production wallets for sure. I typically enjoy riding along with anything he’s involved with. It’s easy to assume going in to “Knowing” that you’re going to know all about it within 20 minutes. However, this one might surprise you with its molecular twists of scientific meets scripture. Of course it employs clichés, just like it’s advertising suggests, but at times “Knowing” is the best movie that M. Night Shyamalan hasn’t made in many years. The film’s ending, which I won’t spoil, is one of the most baffling-unique in many years as well. I wouldn’t mind revisiting “Knowing” in a director’s cut release from Alex Proyas. I think there is much more story to tell in this one, but what is presented is better than most others like it. -djg

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