Monday, June 22, 2009

DJG / Ghost Town

Ghost Town * * * *
Directed by: David Koepp / 2008

When Cliché Turns Classic…

Humans helping the dead and the dead helping humans, we’ve all seen this before many times over. Every T.V. and movie decade has its high-end and low-end stories involving ghosts and humans sharing screen and scene time. In recent memory, television has spawned more than enough series (I won’t bother naming) with the movies mostly sticking to it in the horror-suspense genre, as opposed to comedy, like this one. Actually, I can’t recall since the 1980s or ‘90s a great and lovable ghosts-meets-humans comedy. And I don’t really need to recall “Ghost Town” to you. The generic titling alone feels destined for the cheap DVD bin or misplaced in the horror-western shelf, but don’t let that scare you from watching (har har). This is one of those rare surprise movie treats so cliché that it turns into classic. So much in fact, that I wouldn’t mind seeing a T.V. series spin-off or movie sequel made. Or, maybe I'll just watch it again and again. -djg

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