Monday, September 8, 2008

DJG / The Weekend Watcher

Planet Earth – From Pole to Pole * * * * *
Created by: BBC / 2006

Whenever I’m in an overstock store or used book house I search the children’s book section for Eric Carle books. His playful hand painted cut paper animals and words just really tickle my inner child and illustrative upbringing. Over the weekend I paid a dollar (!) for a priceless Carle book involving children mimicking animal actions/behavior. The creative simplicity and style is universal speak for the marvelous observational union of all humans and animals. Certainly, some animals (and some humans for that matter) aren’t desired to become close with and there are some boundaries we shouldn’t cross. But, we can learn a lot about life, love, creativity and a higher power at work by sitting back in observation and even in mimic of the animal kingdom. Spectacularly shot and displayed, “Planet Earth” watches wildlife and nature through all cycles of the seasons and spectrums and puts them in the comfort of your own home. I’ve wanted to make a big boy purchase of a digital projector for half a decade now, and I can’t think of a better reason why. I saw the most dazzling, mind-boggling birds last night strutting their colorful stuff, an intense horror-like Great White Shark exploding out of water, and elephants that looked to be bicycling while they swam. I was literally blown out of the water and that is only a small sampling. The ooohs and ahhhs of the awesome wonders and mysteries of the Earth don’t get much better than “Planet Earth”. Though I’ve already been “From Pole to Pole”, I still have a lot more incredible footage that I can’t recommend highly enough. Whether you're flipping through an Eric Carle children's book or watching your television screen in order to get close to wildlife and the great outdoors, just simply get to know your planet Earth NOW.


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