Monday, September 8, 2008

DJG / Movie Morning Monday & Cinemadhesive

Dear Wendy * * * * *
Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg / 2005

Naively, a title like “Dear Wendy” might boil to surface great fancy in some parents out there searching for a “Peter Pan Part Deux”. Without researching I honestly wouldn’t put it past Disney to already have at least seven sequels and prequels straight to release in the annuals of home viewing pleasure or even locked in their vault. Parental guidance assured, “Dear Wendy” in fact does invoke some like-minded spirit of Peter Pan and his lost boys, but isn’t for the average eyes and minds of the little his ‘n’ hers. Acclaimed Denmark filmmaker Lars von Trier sits behind his thick observational typewriter with this screenplay, passing directorial duties to Thomas Vinterberg, a fellow co-founder of the Dogme 95 movement. With strict Dogme guidelines aside, “Dear Wendy”, invokes an extremely unique absorption in the snot rag duster of a modern day Western mixed with Boy Scout heroics and that secret club that we all had growing up. From my understanding, Lars von Trier has never set foot in ‘Merica, yet wallops another punch with his commentary about US, this time on gun control, power and violent nature. Though I’m not too surprised, it’s still disappointing to me that this gun love letter was poorly received because it’s equally well-made and has a whole chamber of lead to chew on. Backed by a soundtrack of ‘60s psychedelic-pop powerhouse tunes from The Zombies, “Dear Wendy” is enjoyably dangerous and powerful thinking that melts up the screen and receives high marks on my hit list. However, if you’re looking for a second round of “Peter Pan”, please go looking for a different Wendy.


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