Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dinner Party/CTJ


A group of friends throws a dinner party, and each person must bring the biggest idiot he can find. The movie is exactly as hilarious as this sounds, and I am surprised I had not heard much about it prior to seeing it yesterday. A student of mine recommended it to me, and it was the perfect remedy to the stress of the workday. This is instantly going into my Top 10 comedies of all-time, and I may just have to invite an idiot over to dinner sometime. Who knows? I might even invite you, you stupid freak.
Quote: The main "idiot" builds modern engineering feats out of matchsticks. In one scene he holds up a picture of an oil derrick he has constructed. "Do you know what I call it?" He asks enthusiastically. "Beau derrick, like the American actress Bo Derek. Get it?" Groan!!!

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