Monday, August 10, 2009

DJG / Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye * * * *
Directed by: D.J. Caruso / 2008

To Be Taken With a Can of Red Bull…

A couple days ago I was telling my wife how it’s almost refreshing now to watch an older television series or movie that comes sans cell phones and technology. Rarely today do you even see regular home phones or public telephones in the movies, let alone in real life. I’m thankful for my cell phone and so-on, but I’m extremely thankful to have experienced life without them and the internet. Today’s Red Bull movies, ya know, the non-stop-high-octane-super-slick-spastic-cool flicks like “The Bourne Identity” trilogy, “Taken”, even 2006’s Oscar Best Picture winner “The Departed”, wouldn’t work the same without their lead characters’ interactive moving and shaking with off-the-cuff-or-hip technology to communicate, track down the bad guys, win the race, etc. “Eagle Eye” isn’t nearly as great as the aforementioned films, yet it gets the job done and kept me at full-speed attention, even with a pinch of “Minority Report” and many exclamations of “Yeah, right!” Of course it’s ridiculous to the core and sometimes makes the head spin, but I loved it and movies like it. And just when I say to my wife ¾ through the movie, “Ya know, movies like this wouldn’t work without cell phones and technology!” the good guys answer the bad guys’ ring on a regular ol’ public telephone. Those sneaky bad guys! Pass the Red Bull while you're at it! -djg

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